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I don’t have to be a great theologian to figure out who’s right. All I have to do is read the Church Fathers to prove to myself that they were all Calvinists. Well, I read the Church Fathers and proved to myself they were all Catholics, so that’s why I’m here. Peter Kreeft (via emilty)

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Saying abstinence doesn’t work is like saying exercise doesn’t work.

edit: I do realize that there’s a difference between “abstinence-only education doesn’t work,” as compared to the above but the gentleman I overheard on my commute last Friday didn’t seem to know.

If God is all-powerful, can He make a rock so heavy that He can not lift it?

I remember hearing this in my introduction to Philosophy class. It was one of those discussions where the majority of the class scoff at the thought of God and revel in self-satisfaction. If you wanted to inquire about the omnipotence of God without the veil of a self-contradictory statement you would ask, “Is God powerful enough to make Himself not-powerful?” Yes.

But the followup question becomes: Why would He? Love. Jesus’ death is the ultimate act of love.

If it were me in my pride and resentment towards those who don’t understand me, could I have let myself suffer as He did? As Fr. Mike Schmitz puts it, “LIGHTNING-BOLT-CITY.” As we continue this Holy Week, let us pray that this Lenten season humbles us and reminds us of God’s Power and Love.

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Remember, Christian soul, that thou hast this day, and every day of thy life:
God to glorify,
Jesus to imitate,
The Angels and Saints to invoke,
A soul to save,
A body to mortify,
Sins to expiate,
Virtues to acquire,
Hell to avoid,
Heaven to gain,
Eternity to prepare for,
Time to profit by,
Neighbors to edify,
The world to despise,
Devils to combat,
Passions to subdue,
Death perhaps to suffer,
Judgment to undergo.
From “An Abridgment of Christian Doctrine” in the 1962 Roman Missal (via badwolfcomplex)

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